About Off-Camber Apparel.

Just like a good t-shirt, there are two sides to the Off-Camber family: Design & Apparel. Off-Camber Design is the side of our business that handles the creative, production, and fulfillment services. The design side is more of a "behind-the-scenes" / B2B branch that focuses on working with Jeep / off-road club leaders, business owners, etc. Off-Camber Apparel is our co-axis product line both for our own tees as well as the merch for all of the great clubs we support. Our tees are enthusiast-focused with a special attention to purpose and key focus on good design aesthetics. Additionally, every club we support has their own unique store page where their merch can be found. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Who We Are

We are a team of business owners and entrepreneurs with a deep-rooted passion for the off-road industry. We each run other companies but put our heads together to create and operate Off-Camber to serve an underserved market.

What We Do

We design and produce 100% original and hand made apparel and merchandise focused towards the Jeep enthusiast and off-road industry. We keep inventory of blank shirts so we can print and embroidery on demand.

Why It Matters

Most Jeep / off-road clubs are under-served when it comes to merchandise production and management. We design our own tees in-house and provide merch to our clubs with NO MINIMUMS which is hard to come by.

What Makes Us Different.

With Off-Camber Apparel, we clearly know who we are at our core. We are experienced and talented design and production professionals that love the challenges and excitement of four-wheeling. We take our passion for Jeep and off-road life and translate it into the products we design. What we produce is 100% authentic lifestyle apparel with a focus on the Jeep and off-road market. We design everything we sell. We print it all in-house with NO MINIMUMS and no strings attached. We also provide embroidery and digital printing services for those looking for a next-level of service.